Exacta – The future of precision oncology

Humans are made of millions of cells which are governed by the DNA. This DNA inside every cell contains genes which provides the instructions needed to build and maintain these cells. Every cell in a human body behaves in a unique way due to the differences in the expression of the genes. These differences are responsible for the many different properties and behaviors of various cells in health and disease.

Often mutations or changes occur in the genes which results into a cell turning malignant. However, there is more to cancer biology than just commonly seen gene mutations. There are other factors like gene expression, gene re-arrangements, deletions and duplications which contribute equally to cancer progression. There are epigenetic factors responsible for turning on gene functions which might turn a single cell into a cancerous lump. However, today’s standard approach of ‘one for all’ cancer treatment often results in failed therapies or aggressive relapse in many cases.

The biggest challenge is to understand the behavior of cancer in one’s body, how it progresses in some people and not in others, why some cancer patients are completely cured while some succumb to the dreaded disease.

EXACTA might have the answers to these questions.

Exacta is a test that unfolds an individual’s tumor profile by accurate, multi-coordinate analysis of about 20,000 to 25,000 genes. Analysis of global gene expression patterns from tumors help in advanced understanding of cancer biology to aid oncologists make informed therapy decisions for them. Global gene expression studies provide new insights of tumor microenvironment and comprehensive illustration of the processes underlying unique tumorigenesis in the particular patient.

EXACTA will provide personalized information about which targeted therapy would work for the patient as well as the therapies that won’t. This way precision medicine makes a huge difference to the treatment of a patient resulting in better prognosis.

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Correkt-Chemo – Personalize your Chemotherapy

Cancer is a name given to a collection of related diseases. Cancer can start any place in the body, starting with cells growing out of control and crowding out normal cells. This makes it hard for the body to work the way it should. Cancerous tumors are malignant and they invade nearby tissues, travel to distant places in the body through the blood, forming new tumors far from the original tumors. Cancer can be treated very well for many people and can help them lead full lives.

Various therapies use medicines or drugs to treat cancer. Surgery and radiation therapy remove, kill, or damage cancer cells in a certain area, but chemotherapy can work throughout the whole body. Chemotherapy can kill cancer cells that have metastasized or spread to parts of the body far away from the primary (original) tumor. Multiple drugs with different actions can work together to kill more cancer cells. This can also reduce the chance that the cancer may become resistant to any one chemo drug.

Once a patient is diagnosed with cancer, routinely patient receives the “conventional / standard” chemotherapy regimens. These regimens are common to all patients with that particular cancer type. Such “one size fits all” approach is one of the most important reasons of treatment failure and cancer recurrence. To avoid such “trial and error” approach and to save the precious time, Correkt-chemo is a must for a successful cancer therapy management.

  • What is Correkt-chemo?

It is the only test available that identifies directly, the most effective chemotherapy drugs that can kill cancer cells. In this test, live tumor cells obtained from fresh biopsy are treated with different chemotherapy drugs and their combinations.  The effect of these drugs is studied in real time to analyze the direct efficacy of each cancer drug to kill the cancer cells. This allows oncologists to personalize and improve the treatment by selecting the best suitable drugs before starting chemotherapy.

  • How is Correkt-chemo helpful?

Not all drugs work the same on all patients. Some drugs may not prove beneficial and waste valuable time and resources at this critical point in treatment. With Correkt-chemo test, there is a way to know how effective the chemotherapy will be, before the start of treatment. It will help your oncologist choose the best chemotherapy regimen from the NCCN approved list. Correkt-chemo test directly measures the efficacy of chemotherapy drugs on your live tumor cells and provides a personalized efficacy profile of individual chemotherapy drugs. Thus instead of speculating about how effective chemotherapy will be by costly trial and error, we get that information well before beginning the therapy. It helps to identify at an early stage whether the treatment is likely to work or not and to spare patient’s the unnecessary toxicity of ineffective drugs. It helps to provide patient with the right treatment for the right target without delay.

Knowing the right chemotherapy from the very beginning is the best option. As fresh tumor sample is required, the test can be performed and results can be provided to you and your physician to aid in the determination of the best drugs for you, and you can ensure that you receive the most effective chemotherapy from all available options.

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Cancer in Women: Detection is now just a test away!

A woman’s body is likely to change with age, time and environmental factors. Sometimes, the changes that seem normal can be signs of cancer, though.

Some of the cancers that most often affect women are breast, endometrial, ovarian and cervical cancers. Knowing about these cancers and what you can do to help prevent them or find them early may help save one’s life.

The symptoms may be easy to overlook and are usually diagnosed at a late stage when they are generally more difficult to treat. Efforts should be made to detect cancer at a very early stage by educating population about the risk factors.

There are several methods of diagnosing cancer. With advances in technologies that understand cancers better, there is a rise of number of diagnostic tools that can help detect cancers. Once suspected, diagnosis is usually made by pathologists, onco-pathologists and imaging radiologists.

There are a few limitations of attempting to diagnose cancers with conventional biopsy techniques guided by ultrasound or CT, like rupture of the cystic mass when a biopsy needle is inserted with possible spread of the tumor to other sites, or missing cancerous cells since some parts of the cyst may not contain cancer.

At Datar Genetics Scientists have studied innovative methods to detect cancer by identifying markers specific to the disease present in the blood. This method is called ‘Liquid biopsy’, which is simple, safe, sure and works on a highly sensitive platform.

In liquid biopsy, fluid or blood drawn from the individual is examined to find cancer cells and other biomarkers within the blood. The test utilizes gene sequencing to compare genetic markers within the person’s blood sample. Those markers are then contrasted with genetic markers found in common cancers such as ovarian, breast, lung, endometrial and colon cancers. If there are genetic markers that match, then the test has found evidence that the patient is at risk of contracting said cancer in the future. It is particularly helpful when a tissue biopsy can’t be done easily or if tissue is unavailable for any reason or if the original starting point (primary) of cancer is not known.

Liquid Biopsy can be used at various stages – for Cancer diagnosis, for early detection, for guidance on therapy management and for recurrence monitoring. It can also provide therapy guidance and helps monitor therapy success. It also helps to predict the response of patient to a drug and also if tumor has developed resistance to the treatment.

In the field of oncology, where innovations come and go without lasting impact, this novel non-invasive liquid biopsy is a life saver.

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Exacta – A Test to Accurately Screen The Cancer Mechanism

Cancer is caused due to the mutations in the genes – it is a disease of genes. Just like every human body, each person’s cancer is unique. However, the overall genetic makeup of a particular cancer tumor and the patient is not taken into consideration in the standard approach to the cancer treatment. It results in the failed therapies or aggressive relapse. Thus, it is important that genetic architecture of the cancer tumor is studied extensively before deciding the treatment plan.

This is where genetic screening plays a crucial role. DGL has introduced a high-precision test to screen the cancer – Exacta.

About Exacta

Exacta unfolds the deepest genetic secrets of an individual patient’s cancer by accurate, multi-coordinate analysis of all 22,000 genes in the cancer genome. Exacta reaches the depths of cancer’s mechanisms through 100s of millions of data points. It helps to reveal the driver mutations and pathways that are propelling a particular person’s cancer and can be targeted with precision drugs. Exacta thus enables a highly sophisticated treatment strategy beyond conventional perspective. This is the unmatched strength of Exacta. Exacta is the latest and world’s best molecular analysis for difficult cancers.

How does the test help?

It reports all pathways as per KEGG database to identify the most appropriate gene targets for therapy.

Indication of therapy resistance / Angiogenic / Proliferation / Metastatic / Recurrence Potential.

Gene expression of Primary and Metastasis tumours.

Whole exome analysis of Primary and Metastasis (all NCCN recommended genes and more).

Analysis of all miRNA in the cancer genome.

Whole genome analysis of mtDNA (Primary and Metastasis)

Mutation burden and telomere attrition / compromise.

Tests cytotoxic drug response / resistance of cancer genome.

Screens Germline metabolic response to cytotoxic / small molecule therapy.

Detects loss of Hetrozygosity / Micro Satellite Instability / epigenetic indicators.

This test is important where – 

  • The First Line Therapy has failed
  • Relapse of the cancer
  • High grade or metastatic cancer
  • The Risk of Therapy Failure is high.

It is now indeed important for cancer patients to undergo the screening before rushing into any treatment which may pose a severe threat to the health. Being well-informed helps in taking correct decisions.

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Correkt-chemo – Test For the Precise Treatment

Once the cancer has been diagnosed, the patient routinely has to go for conventional

chemotherapy regimen. However, these chemo sessions are common to all patients with

that specific cancer type. This uniform approach to the treatment is one of the most

important reasons of treatment fatalities, deaths, and cancer recurrence. ‘One size fits all’

proves harmful in this case.

Cancer has unique properties and differs in every patient and hence every patient responds

in a very different manner to the same chemotherapy. Thus, a few patients undergo

remission whereas few have cancer progression even after receiving cancer treatment. It is

harmful because this cancer progression or failure of treatment becomes evident after

many days of receiving the chemotherapy and after suffering all the side effects of the



Time & Money

Trial & error approach proves very hazardous in this case the time is very precious for

successful cancer management and this precious time is lost with the conventional method.

At the same time, precious financial resources are wasted in drugs with no benefits and

give harsh side effects. Hence it is very beneficial for the patient and the treating physician,

if it is already known which drugs will give maximum benefit in that individual patient’s



Why Correkt-chemo?

Correkt-chemo directly tests the effect of chemotherapy / anti- cancer drugs on the

patient’s tumor cells. It helps to customize the treatment plan according to sensitivity and

resistance pattern of the patient’s tumor cells. When armed with this information, patient’s

physician can ensure that they receive the most effective chemotherapy from all available

options. This personalization of the chemotherapy by directly studying effect of

chemotherapy drugs on cells taken from fresh biopsy sample of the tumor – is the Correkt-

chemo test. In this test, fresh tumor cells obtained by biopsy / surgery are treated with

different chemotherapy drugs. The effect of drug is measured directly by its ability to kill

the tumor cells. Consequent upon this information, the drugs are listed in their order of

comparative efficacy to kill the tumor cells.


Who should undergo this test?

  • Every cancer patient with or without metastasis, before starting cancer treatment.
  • Every patient who is under treatment for cancer.
  • Every patient in whom the cancer is not responding satisfactorily to therapy.

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