8 symptoms that can possibly indicate the person has lung cancer

Though lung cancer is one of the major reasons of cancer related death among men and women worldwide, most of the deaths occur because of the late diagnosis and thus, the treatment initiates when the cancer is almost in the last stage. It therefore, becomes too late to cure the disease and save the life of the person.

It becomes helpful if the person knows about the reason about the physical problems they are facing. Apart from heavy coughing- which is the most common symptom of any respiratory problems, here are some symptoms which may indicate lung cancer-

Image credits- healthcareusp.com
Image credits- healthcareusp.com
  1. Hemoptysis

Hemoptysis – coughing up blood happens in many people who have lung cancer. It is one of the major symptoms of the disease. Even if the amount of coughed blood is very less, it is still a matter of concern.

  1. New cough

Newly occurred cough in a regular smoker or a person who has quit smoking is also a concern for lung cancer and should be treated accordingly.

  1. Continuous cough

This does not mean just a heavy cough; but a cough which is mild but still persists for a long duration of time. Many a times, it gets worse after a certain period and can be a symptom of lung cancer.

  1. Chest pain

In around one-fourth of the people, chest pain is a symptom of lung cancer. This pain is persistent, painful and dull.

  1. Hoarseness

Hoarse voice or wheezing is caused due to the blockage or inflammation in lungs and may be accounted to cancer.

  1. Short breath

Shortness of breath is generally a result of a blocked air flow in the lungs, collection of fluid around the lung which is also called – plural effusion, or sometimes, the tumor is spread throughout the lungs.

  1. Respiratory infections

Respiratory problems like bronchitis or pneumonia can signal towards lung cancer. It is common in the cases of non-smokers where the doctors treat the patient for bronchitis, pneumonia, or asthma before the actual problem is discovered.

  1. Unrelated to lungs

Along with the above symptoms, there are some that are not related to the respiration or lungs. E.g. Weight loss, loss of appetite, headaches, bone pain or fractures, blood clots. These symptoms are remotely associated with lung cancer, and therefore it is important to keep a check.

Bone pain and fractures is usually an indication of  Lung cancer metastasis i.e. the cancer has spread to the other parts of the body. It is usually at the sites of bone involvement. Lung cancer metastasis to brain usually causes number of neurological symptoms like headaches, seizures, blurred vision, altered thought process, or symptoms of stroke.

Testing identifies the risk factors even before any symptoms and hence proves very helpful.

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