Exacta – The future of precision oncology

Humans are made of millions of cells which are governed by the DNA. This DNA inside every cell contains genes which provides the instructions needed to build and maintain these cells. Every cell in a human body behaves in a unique way due to the differences in the expression of the genes. These differences are responsible for the many different properties and behaviors of various cells in health and disease.

Often mutations or changes occur in the genes which results into a cell turning malignant. However, there is more to cancer biology than just commonly seen gene mutations. There are other factors like gene expression, gene re-arrangements, deletions and duplications which contribute equally to cancer progression. There are epigenetic factors responsible for turning on gene functions which might turn a single cell into a cancerous lump. However, today’s standard approach of ‘one for all’ cancer treatment often results in failed therapies or aggressive relapse in many cases.

The biggest challenge is to understand the behavior of cancer in one’s body, how it progresses in some people and not in others, why some cancer patients are completely cured while some succumb to the dreaded disease.

EXACTA might have the answers to these questions.

Exacta is a test that unfolds an individual’s tumor profile by accurate, multi-coordinate analysis of about 20,000 to 25,000 genes. Analysis of global gene expression patterns from tumors help in advanced understanding of cancer biology to aid oncologists make informed therapy decisions for them. Global gene expression studies provide new insights of tumor microenvironment and comprehensive illustration of the processes underlying unique tumorigenesis in the particular patient.

EXACTA will provide personalized information about which targeted therapy would work for the patient as well as the therapies that won’t. This way precision medicine makes a huge difference to the treatment of a patient resulting in better prognosis.

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